domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2014

New way of agriculture

Hey guys. I'm starting this year agriculture activity now. It's quite late but I'm starting a quite different and novel way of home farming.
I've seen a video about hydroponics agriculture on the internet and it really interested me. I've made a brief research about it and then I made a simple system like in the next photo.

Simple hydroponic agriculture system

Using LED lamp to light the lettuce

I just put water in a Tupperware and a film made by a pet bottle with two holes to put cottons. Then I put lettuce seeds on the cottons. I made this system on 12/18 and in the 12/20 it was already germinated. It was very, very fast. Much faster than plant in the ground. Today(12/21) the seed that has already germinated grew more although the other one hasn't germinated yet.

Now I'm going to give you some tips for this plantation method.
First, until the germination you should put the system in a dark place to simulate being inside the earth. 
Second, when the seed germinate you should put the system in a bright location. You can use the sunshine but you can also use a LED light to simulate a bright place.
Third, If you have more then one seed and only one germinate you can cover the other seed with a peace of paper, cloth, something that's not harmful to the seed.

From now that's it and if you have any question about it just ask me. And I'm also starting to built a bigger system. I'll post about the new system soon.